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Dental Implants - New Permanent Teeth

Dental Implants Villa Park IL

You will no longer have to cover your mouth with your new smile. Your fresh new smile will bring a sense of confidence you’ve never known.

Dentures often, and in many ways, can be inconvenient. All these limitations are eliminated with dental implants. Never again, will you have to worry about difficulties or pain associated with poorly fitting prosthetics, denture slippage, or self esteem issues revolving around missing teeth.

Anything you would like to eat is now yours, without worrying about harming your new teeth. Hand Crafted Smiles is here to help you enjoy your best life, with a lifestyle that is convenient and doesn’t include missing or rotten teeth, or dentures that are unreliable and can fall out at the worst times.

Dr. Gomolplitinant uses the latest technology to collect all the data necessary to help plan your restorative case. Digital x-rays, 3D mapping, models, and photographs prove valuable.


They are screw like device of different sizes and shapes (both in diameter and length) that are inserted into a patient's jaw. After insertion and during a healing period, the implants fuse with the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. Once they are completely embedded, approximately three to six months after placement, a new tooth like restoration can be made.

Following a diagnostic and surgical protocol, a titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone. The procedure itself results in very little discomfort to the patient.

Surprisingly, implants can support a full mouth restoration. Artificial root restorations, of all of the similar treatments available, have proven to have the highest success rate - and they are very safe. They act just like natural teeth and could even be expected to last a lifetime by keeping up with normal dental care. This solution sometimes requires dental extraction when a patient still has his/her own natural teeth left.


  • Effective oral hygiene is a prerequisite for the procedure.

  • Diabetes and systemic medication do not present a problem to the procedure as long as blood sugar levels are under control and don’t result in any sort of oral and maxillofacial surgery risk.

  • Adequate jaw bone must be available to support the implant. If there is not enough jaw bone, a bone graft can correct that. Occasionally, a sinus lift may be required as well to create additional room for the bone graft when dealing with the upper jaw.

  • Periodontal disease is a risk factor and may present issues.

  • Cessation of smoking is required while the artificial roots fuse with the jaw during osseointegration.

  • It is recommended that you are in good overall health prior to the procedure.

  • The patient should be motivated to commit to living a healthy lifestyle and having good oral hygiene practices. The ADA maintains that "careful oral hygiene is essential for the success of the implant."

We are nearby to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Fixed prosthodontics

Villa Park IL dental implants
  • Chewing of food is dramatically improved.

  • Bone loss and Gum recession can both be avoided.

  • Adjacent natural teeth on either side of the gap require no modification. Normally being ground down to create room for a bridge.

  • Implant supported dentures are the more reliable option, being more secure and requiring no adhesives to keep them in place.

  • Recessed cheeks can be prevented which improves your overall appearance.

  • “Implants in a day” or “Same day implants” allows the dentist to install the implant the same day as remaining natural teeth are pulled.

Why is Restorative dentistry needed?

  • Losing teeth impacts not only the look of your smile but your ability to eat properly.

  • Patients who have lost teeth or are suffering from decay are the best candidates.

  • Patients with dentures who are sick of being limited on what they can eat or the way they speak in public also make excellent candidates for this type of restoration. 

  • After removing the natural teeth, or after they have fallen out, the jawbone naturally begins to resorb. Implants mimic natural tooth roots and help prevent this resorption. 

  • The teeth next to the gap left by a missing tooth are affected as well because they will shift and are then more likely to fracture or crack. 

  • Implants keep supra-eruption of natural teeth in the opposing arch, which occurs when there are no antagonist teeth.

  • Dentures are less effective in preventing teeth from shifting and the appearance of hollow cheeks. 

  • New restorations improve a patient’s quality of life because they allow them to speak and eat more naturally and they look great.

  • A patient has certain medical issues that will create postoperative complications.

  • A patient is in the middle of cancer treatment or certain bone disease treatment.  

  • A patient has just completed immunosuppressive therapy after an organ transplant.

  • The patient is a child, as their jawbones have not fully developed.


The procedure involves one, or multiple (depending on how many teeth are being replaced) titanium posts being inserted using pressure controlled drills. Sometimes, the doctor may choose to do platform switching which using a thinner gauge implant to preserve alveolar bone levels around the posts.

In some cases, certain preparatory procedures are required before new artificial roots can be placed. If the patient has a deficient jawbone, as one example, a graft may be needed to strengthen its density and allow a strong base for the placement. Bone grafting does affect the timeline because an additional 6 to 9 months will then be required for the healing period. 

When grafting is not advisable, the patient can opt for mini dental implants. These are smaller in diameter than a regular implant. Because they are smaller, they can be inserted into less dense bone.

Healing takes place over 4-6 months in a process known as osseointegration. During this process, bone and gums grow in and around the tooth replacement.

The implant doctor will schedule multiple follow-up appointments with the patient during the recovery process to evaluate the rate of healing.

While you’re waiting, a custom restoration will be created, ready for installation as soon as everything is healed, allowing for rapid results. You will love your new smile.


  1. Most discomfort you experience usually disappears within 24-48 hrs.

  2. Keeping the post-surgery location warm and moist can accelerate healing, including the use of pain medication.

  3. Avoiding physical activity and a soft diet are recommended for the first few days post surgery.

  4. Brush with a soft toothbrush and use gentle strokes to avoid damaging the surgical site and sutures.

  5. Keeping the mouth clean during recovery using a special mouthwash is recommended.

  6. A few times a day it is recommended that you rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to discourage bacterial growth after the procedure.

  7. Once the gums are completely healed, you should care for the implants just as you would for your natural teeth; brushing twice a day and flossing once.

  8. You will need to clean the more difficult to reach areas of the restoration with special brushes and floss.

  9. Scheduling a series of routine cleanings and exams is highly recommended.

  10. If you practice good hygiene and follow your aftercare instructions, your new implants could last a lifetime.

Dental Implants Villa Park, IL

No need to search for "Dental Implants Near Me.” Here at Hand Crafted Smiles, your oral health is most important. We are thrilled to help you smile brightly again, to help you get the smile you always wished for. All in a relaxing atmosphere. If you are in or near Addison or Lombard, our team of experts are friendly and specialize in all pre- and post-dental implantation care. We'll get you back to smiling again in no time.

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