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Complete Dentures for a Confident Smile

Complete Dentures Villa Park

Living without the benefit of healthy teeth is really unpleasant. Teeth that are damaged will also disturb a person’s facial esthetics and overall quality of smile. We exist to make sure that you will be able to have a complete, if not a partial set of dentures, in order for you to enjoy an active lifestyle. Read on to learn everything that you possibly like to know.

Full Dentures

Full, otherwise complete dentures, are very often usually used whenever the majority or all of the teeth in the jaw needs to be replaced. With only very few natural teeth that remain, they also have to be removed to make sure there will be sufficient space for a single piece.

These are a set of artificial teeth, consisting usually of 14, on an acrylic base that is gum colored and designed to snugly fit the gums. Taking this into account, the base will cover the palate as well as the gums so fitting is very important. This is because of two reasons – the denture is not supposed to cause irritation on the flesh, and also must remain in place due to the suction.


The process of preparation will require the specialist to extract the remaining teeth. Impressions will be taken prior to the extraction, and then the impressions will be forwarded to a laboratory together with the specifications and also the color. When everything is completed, the dentist will try these on the patient and will make adjustments, if necessary, to ensure a correct fit.


This is something that is particularly important as well. Complete sets are removable. They are supposed to be removed for cleaning following every meal, before putting them back on. During nighttime, they should be separately stored in water, otherwise in a special solution. Not doing so will definitely cause your one-piece to dry up, as well as even warp. It will then become quite useless. Such artificial teeth will not grow roots, and the bone surrounding the vacant sockets is very likely to waste away. Such a process is termed resorption. The gums are going to shrink and then the piece will require a relining to fit well enough. The lifetime of a complete set is approximately 7 years, if properly taken care of.

Are there limitations?

Artificial teeth definitely come with certain limitations, and one of them is the need for relining. There are several others like loose fitting as well as occasional dropping outs.

What type to go for?

This is a different  important question for consideration. Let us take a look at some of the different types:

  • Removable Partials – if you need a single or a couple of neighboring teeth replaced, the obvious option would be a removable partial. These partials come with clasps on both ends which are designed for attaching to the teeth on either side for extra support.

  • Flexible – the flexible is the most common among the removable partial types. They  are rather flexible since they will adhere better to the texture of the gum and also cause less irritation.

  • Fixed bridges – these are a great option and do not have clasps. They get to be permanently attached to the crowns that they use for support.

  • Full conventional sets – these sets become necessary when most of the jaw requires replacement. They stick on the flesh of the gum by way of suction.

Service without a tooth extraction

It is quite normal for people to detest the general idea of getting their teeth extracted. You will be able to obtain dentures even without pulling out the remaining healthy ones. This is actually something that is possible for you. The teeth can undergo root canal treatment so as to avoid any possible inflammation or infection.

One-Piece that does not have a roof plate

This is otherwise known as dentures minus the snaps. It is the production of a full set of teeth with a removable base that may be split into four or else five various implants. We are going to take the steps together to find out which options are best suitable for your needs.

Know Your Options

Full Sets supported by implants are commonly classified as an all-on-four. These are actually the closest one you can get to retaining your natural teeth. This is something  you probably will want to consider. Rather than going for the fixed implant supported type, you can as well have one that comes with snaps – you will be able to position or place them as you like.

In case you do not want to go through any extractions, an over denture becomes a convenient option. It also has the benefit of avoiding the process called bone resorption. This is essentially a prosthesis that is going to rest over the roots of the teeth that had been  prepared.

Long lasting treatment

Very often, these types of dental additions are related to old age, when the teeth begin to hurt as well as cause problems. But the truth is, the need for artificial teeth comes from the overall teeth condition of a person. Oral health may be a function or a reflection of your oral hygiene, in general, and you have to see to it that things are handled according to the highest standards in the industry.

Additionally, your bone quality may not be good as well, and you might require some additional procedures. A number of these procedures include:

Alveoloplasty – a procedure wherein the bone in your jaw is re-contoured correctly that will result to the area holding the fixture being properly rounded, and will also provide a maximum surface area to improve overall retention.
Bone Grafting – this procedure is performed in patients with less jawbone quantity or if the jawbone’s quality is not sufficiently high. This procedure requires placing a bone graft on the patient’s jaw so that the overall retention support is conveniently improved.

Complete Dentures Villa Park, IL

Let us take care of your dental needs at our office and provide you with a brand new set of comfortable as well as durable dentures. Our office is in Villa Park, IL only ten minutes away from Addison, and near to Lombard, Illinois. Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the best dental options and treatment, along with the dental cost price you can have, call us!

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